Hi there!

It’s Isabelle (aka alltimebella), and I’m just here welcoming you to my WordPress site!

Here you will see posts about anything and everything! There will be posts about concerts/music festivals I’ve been to, bands/performers I’ve met, reviews on new albums or singles, rants and opinions, and just random thoughts on life in general.

You may be wondering though, why should I read what you have to say?!

That’s a very good question! Well, my life is anything but normal. I get lucky on some days (like winning access to a Green Day concert), but I also am unlucky on other days (getting into a major car accident that breaks my right hand, so it’ll never be the same again). My life is never dull and I will always have something to talk about to you guys.

Social media is my life basically, and I’m graduating college with a degree that specializes in the use of social media. So I know what to talk about and how to catch your attention. You will not be disappointed.

On top of that, I love writing (making stories and just talking about my life) and music. So combining the two of those is just a dream to me.

I mean my blog does say ‘Punk Chicago Girl’s Opinions’ so I wasn’t lying. My blog will be crazy, but good!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Updates will be coming very, very soon!



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