The Beginning..

What’s up you guys?! My name is Isabelle Kelleher, but you can just call me Bella! Currently I am a junior in college and am potentially getting my degree in Interactive Media Studies. I am a huge music lover, which explains the reasoning behind my blog šŸ™‚

Some things about me that are very important is that I am a closest musician. I sing, play guitar and a little bit of piano. I have stopped guitar and piano due to work and school taking over my life, but will pick it up occasionally. My hair, well, it changes color quite a lot, so my blog picture may be different countless amounts of times. I have an obsession with dying my hair and just being different. Now, I have a tendency to meet a lot of bands and performers so pictures of that will definitely be posted.

If you ask me how many concerts I’ve been to I could assure you that it’s over 100 and counting as we speak. Music has been a huge influence in my life and I can easily thank my parents for that. Ever since I was a little kid I was a big music fanatic due to my parents bringing me to concerts (first one was Santana when I was 4 yrs old), and them blasting music within my house just to fill the silence.

Now, what’s this blog going to be about? Simple. This blog will mainly revolve around Punk, Pop-Punk, and Alternative music. I’ll be doing a lot of concert reviews and will be posting my own pictures that I have taken at the concert. I’ll also be doing some CD reviews when new albums and/or singles come out. Not only will I be doing reviews, I’ll be doing band first impressions. There are so many bands that I still do not know about that I thought it would be a very cool idea to do my first impression on them. After I post that I’ll also want to hear what you think about them and other band suggestions that you would want me to listen to. Of course as the weeks go by more topics will come up because the music scene is always changing and interesting things are always popping up.

I wanted to create this blog for young adults and beyond because there are so many other blogs that are intended for older people, so why not for teens and college students? I want this to be as relatable as possible. I may only be 20 years old, but my perspectives on certain topics could very much be related to yours. So I do not want people to be afraid to post their opinions on my blogs and say what you feel. It is always great to hear what other people have to say about certain topics and things you feel strongly about.

This blog will be amazing and fun if you guys interact and talk with me as well. Communication is everything am I right? I’ll post what you guys want to hear. Of course if it is something that is happening in a different state it could be a bit more difficult for me, but will definitely try for you guys. Do not be afraid to say what you want on my page and do not be afraid to express yourselves. It makes my day when people encourage me to write and do things that interest them šŸ™‚



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