Against The Current/State Champs Concert Review

First post? First concert review!

Let’s get started!

Sunday, April 9th I went to see Against the Current with State Champs at Concord Music Hall in Chicago. I’ve loved these bands for about three years now and have seen them about two times each. So I knew that this concert was going to be fun from the start.

Sadly, I didn’t have the opportunity to ask for a press pass to shoot for the bands, but that’s okay. I knew that I would be able to enjoy the concert without having to focus on just taking good pictures. There is always next time and next concert 😉

I went with my friend Julia and we were both extremely excited because we were big Against the Current fans. Since both of these bands were not that well known I assumed that getting in and getting a good spot would not have been that difficult. Boy was I wrong! We left at around 4 pm and got there around 5 which is around the time the doors would open. What were weren’t expecting was a line at least 2 blocks long, and getting longer as we looked. I guess you could say I was completely wrong and haven’t exactly realized how big both of these bands actually gotten.

As we got in line time rolled by pretty fast because we got in at around 5:20 pm which was 10 minutes before the show even started. The first two bands performing were Don Broco and With Confidence. We didn’t know them that well so we stayed in the back where the bar was just watching the people interact with one another.

Few minutes passed and the lights dim down, which means the first band is about to start. Don Broco was a band from the UK and this was their first tour ever in America, so for sure you knew they were going to give their all. After the first song which was You Wanna Know, I was completely hooked. They had a very punk-pop feel to them and I loved it! They had the entire crowd jumping and dancing with them, which was incredible to see considering they were just the first band. My friend and I eventually went into the crowd to experience them with the crowd and I was thoroughly impressed. They played about five more songs and ended their set. I wish I could have told you guys what other songs they performed, but I just am now getting into the band. Like I literally just downloaded all their songs to my phone I was that impressed.

The next band was With Confidence and I think I only knew/had about one song from them on my phone. The crowd was hyped at this point so I could already tell that there was going to be moshpits and lots of pushing. I guess they were fairly known in Chicago because as soon as they came on lots of pushing and screaming happened. Of course they opened up with the only song I knew which was Voldemort so I freaked out. My friend had no clue who they were so she just ended up laughing and watching me fangirl. The crowd was beyond fun, singing along and yelling back the lyrics to the singer. At some points the singer even got into the crowd and sang with the fans. I just absolutely love when bands get into the crowd just to get closer to their fans. I’ve experienced it so much with other bands that I just appreciate that they want to interact with the people that love them the most.

Anyway, they performed about the same amount of songs as Don Broco and were so fun to see. I later found out that they are from Sydney, Australia, which explained their strong accents. It wasn’t their first time in America, but you could tell that they absolutely love the U.S. At this point Julia and I pushed our way closer to the stage just so we could be close when Against the Current came on. It wasn’t fun, but so worth it in the end.

The anticipation was building up inside me and could not wait to see Chrissy perform once again after 2 yrs of not seeing her. The crowd was actually really nice to us because they would let us in front of them when ATC came on. We weren’t front row, but close enough to actually see the entire band perform. Fog slowly started to seep into the crowd and on the stage, so I knew that in a few minutes that the show will be starting soon. The crowd started screaming and yelping with excitement. I started jumping and then they started the intro music. The crowd was a bit more mellow for them than the other two bands, but that’s understandable because they are more pop.

They started off with Blood Like Gasoline and instantly there was an issue I had. Whoever did their soundcheck, did not realize that there was way too much bass so it made it hard to hear her sing sometimes. On top of that, her mic was pretty low so it was difficult to even hear her. Either way I still continued to sing along and enjoy the concert. Of course they played my absolute favorite songs ever: Forget Me Now, Runaway, Gravity, and Wasteland (ugh yes!!). When those songs came on I practically belted out the lyrics. Sadly, the people around me were getting annoyed with the fact I kept yelling and screaming, but oh well!! Chrissy kept singing her heart out and was literally perfect. I wish I could have gotten pictures of her performing, but I did get to meet her after! The setlist of what they played is underneath 🙂 

IMG_20170410_153749_601Now, after Against The Current I was so exhausted from all the jumping and singing. Not only was it from that, but after their whole performance Chrissy announced that she’ll be at their merch table meeting people and signing things. Julia and I freaked out and tried hurrying out of the crowd. We wanted to finally meet her so badly. So we sprinted up the steps to the balcony full of merchandise and ran in line.

We weren’t too concerned with seeing State Champs, since she barely knew them and I saw them about three times already. Plus we thought the line would have gone pretty fast before they went on, but we were wrong, again.

It took her 10 minutes just to get through a couple of people and by the time she finished talking with her fifth person, State Champs was about to come on. We didn’t think much of it until Chrissy came running down the line saying she had to leave because they weren’t allowed up their when other bands are performing. We were disappointed because we waited a long time already. So when she left we just decided to stay on the balcony and watch State Champs on the balcony.

I knew quite a few songs from them, but not too much. Just watching the crowd mosh and crowd surf was just amazing to watch. I regretted not bringing my camera just to capture these moments. The fans were always singing and moving around, which was cool to see from above. I wish I was down there, but I wanted to meet Chrissy pretty badly.

They opened with Remedy and Losing Myself and they did not hold back. Same with the crowd. Everyone put their all and I knew this was an amazing concert. I was singing and dancing so much enjoying myself and not caring who was watching. When they performed Deadly Conversation, Julia and I literally let loose. Since we didn’t know too many songs by them we were able to relax a bit while watching them perform. Near the end of their setlist I was near freaking out because they played my favorite songs Elevated and Secrets. Let’s just say I was yelling the lyrics out that the merch people were recording me for their Snapchat’s.

I never seen such dedicated fans having the time of their lives for about 15 songs. I would have been exhausted with all the pushing, moshing, and crowd surfing. Maybe one day I’ll be like them haha

If I had to rate this concert it definitely would be an 8/10. Main reason being I didn’t know the first two bands that well, but I wasn’t disappointed, because now I love them. Second reason is because I had to miss being in State Champs crowd just to meet the singer of Against the Current. Obviously the good thing was the fact I met her. Another down side was the sound system, they seriously need to fix it at Concord Music Hall.

Not a bad concert though! 🙂 Sorry if this was rather long, but not sure what to put within a concert review. Let me know the things I should do for next time, because I seriously need help. Thank you guys!


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