Riot Fest Lineup Announced!!

So lots of stuff has happened within these past couple of days. The main one being, Riot Fest, a Chicago punk-alternative music festival, has released their first wave of bands! Literally the lineup looks absolutely amazing.


I’ve been going to Riot Fest for the past four years and have never been disappointed. Just the atmosphere alone is amazing and you are surrounded by a bunch of people that are interested in the same genre of music.

Now, what bands am I excited for? So many! I could name them all, but there is a select few that I’m just ecstatic for.

The first one is, Paramore! I have never seen them live, unless you count watching them get an award at the Alternative Press Music Awards like 3 years ago when I went to their first ever award show. If not, then no I’ve never seen them. This announcement was perfect timing too, because that same day they released a new song and music video called ‘Hard Times’. It has a very 80’s punk feel and I absolutely love it. Here’s the link for the music video:

Another band that I am pretty stoked to see is Taking Back Sunday! For me being only 20 yrs old a lot of people are quite shocked that I like them because they are a rather older punk band. Thanks to my older brother though, I love them! Just like for Paramore, I’ve never seen them live before. So this would be a great opportunity for me to finally see them! A lot has been happening with them too, like tours, festivals, and maybe some new music soon? We will definitely find out when it comes closer šŸ™‚

Now, how could I forget New Found Glory? One of the first bands I started listening to when I was like 12 that was considered Pop Punk. I’ve been trying to see them in concert many times, but always failed due to them selling out or a band would be performing when they were. It has been decided though that I will definitely see them at Riot Fest no matter what. I did see them perform once at the AP Music Awards when they played with All Time Low, and they played ‘All Downhill From Here’. I never freaked out so much until I saw that live. Getting to experience that again would be just amazing. You can see their performance with them within All Time Low’s medley performance at 3:50 (you could also maybe see me in the video since I was front row ;P):

Last band that I’m excited about? A Day To Remember! Saw them perform once and was not disappointed. They are one of the most hyped bands I’ve seen live, that they are so much fun to be in the crowd for. I want to see them in concert more, but it’s hard due to the fact they always sell out as well. So Riot Fest is just my perfect opportunity to see a bunch of bands for the first time or again finally.

(Credit: Bill Whitmire from Flickr)

Riot Fest is one of the biggest things that I have been looking forward to since last year’s ended. I still haven’t bought my 3 day pass yet, but I will soon. If you guys have never been, then I suggest you go. Best festival by far! Let me know if any of you guys are going or if you want to go!


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