Concert Review: Mayday Parade 4/22/17

Told you guys I’d have another concert review very soon! πŸ™‚

So last Saturday I went to the Chicago House of Blues to go see one of my favorite bands, Mayday Parade. I have seen them two times before this, but they were never headlining. So in a way it just wasn’t the same.

Before this concert I absolutely had to go because it was their 10 year anniversary tour for their album ‘A Lesson in Romantics’ which is by far their best album yet. So many good songs that I just had to see it live.

For this tour they had supporting bands, Milestones from the UK and Knuckle Puck from Chicago. I only ever heard of Knuckle Puck, but never truly have listened to them. I knew this was going to be a good concert though because it was sold out and these bands, from what I’ve heard are a lot of fun.

My boyfriend and I got there early to make sure we got a good spot within the crowd. We even ate at their restaurant to get early entry, but sadly enough they were not doing it for the night. Luckily for us one of the securities let us into the venue anyway for some odd reason. So you could say we got lucky and had great spots to enjoy the concert.

The first band to perform was Milestones and they were a punk band, but had a very interesting feel to them. It almost was a tranquil type of noise within the background of their songs that made watching them almost calming. They got the crowd started definitely and we were not disappointed. We even saw a mosh-pit or two which was uplifting to see. I could definitely say I will be listening to them after seeing them perform live. For their first U.S. tour they put on a great show!


Next band to perform was Knuckle Puck. Since this was their hometown show, we definitely had a big crowd to see them. I was excited because they had a major pop-punk sound, so I knew the crowd was going to be riled up and have many mosh-pits. When they started performing the entire crowd pushed forward and a circle pit instantly started. You can tell the band wanted to make this date on their tour the best, because they gave it their all. I was even jumping around and enjoying myself, even though I didn’t even know their songs. I was thoroughly impressed by how good they actually were. So just like Milestones, I will for sure start listening to them.


Now, finally is Mayday Parade! My heart was raising 100 mph and I was so excited to see them perform my favorite album through its entirety. Fog was slowly starting to fill the stage and the lights dimmed down. The crowd screams from anticipation and excitement. Then, they finally come out in the dim light. It may have been hard to see them at first, but we knew they were there.

At last the singer speaks “Hey Chicago…are you ready?!” Then he starts jumping around to get the crowd pumped. I was freaking out because I knew which song was going to be the opener. And it started like…

“I had a dream last night we..!” Everyone yelled those lyrics out as the song, ‘Jaime All Over’ began. Pushing and shoving became a norm after that and I was perfectly okay with that. I was having the time of my life and I never wanted it to end.


They sang some of my favorites like ‘When I Get Home, You’re So Dead’, ‘Three Cheers for Five Years’, and ‘Kids in Love’. There was never a moment where I wasn’t jumping around enjoying myself. The crowd was a bit rowdy I’ll admit, but it’s what is expected coming from a concert like this.


Mayday Parade did not disappoint and they put on a great show. My favorite moment though you ask? They played my two favorite songs that always get to me. What I mean by that is, I always cry. They performed ‘Miserable At Best’ and ‘Terrible Things’. I sang my heart out and recorded both of those songs. I would upload them, but I’d have to pay for it. When they were doing those songs I just leaned back against my boyfriend and sang my heart out. Best moment ever!


They played about 19 songs and they closed out with another favorite of mine, ‘Oh Well, Oh Well’. At this point I yelled the lyrics because I was so upset the concert was ending. I jumped, screamed, and sang so much until it was over. I realized I was sweaty beyond belief and was exhausted.


To always remember this concert I bought a flag that night from their merch table. It basically is their album ‘A Lesson in Romantics’, but in flag form. Also here is their setlist!

Mayday Parade Setlist


Overall, the concert was absolutely amazing. 10/10 easily. I really wish I could upload videos on here to show my experience, but I can’t 😦


So far the only concert I have coming up next is ironically Spring Awakening and I’m not entirely sure if I want to write about that. We’ll see though. You never know I could have random concerts that I just decide to go to last minute.

If you have any suggestions on what concert I should go to next let me know πŸ™‚


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