All Time Low!

Let’s talk about a band that has been doing a lot of stuff recently!

It’s one of my favorite bands of all time actually. All Time Low!

Within these past couple of months they have been releasing a lot of new songs coming from their upcoming new album, Last Young Renegade.


I am pretty stoked for this album to come out on June 2nd! I’ve always been a huge fan of their music and have seen them a countless amount of times. Want an estimate? Well, I’ve liked them for about 7 years now and have seen them live about 8 times and still counting. Also I will be attending their upcoming ‘The Young Renegades Tour’ with SWMRS, Waterparks, and The Wrecks.

Have I mentioned I met them multiple times already?Ā 1838

Yeah this actually happened! I’m still in shock I met my favorite guys ever! That’s besides the point.

What I mainly wanted to talk about is everything that they have been uploading and posting about their new album!

So far, they have released four new singles from their album and they are absolutely amazing. This is definitely getting me excited for the new album coming out soon.

The first song released was Dirty Laundry:

When this came out I was rather indifferent at first because it seemed more pop-ish and I thought they were moving away from their pop-punk feel. I understand they want to grow as a band, but sometimes it’s nice hearing them going back to their roots. After countless times listening to this song, I became slowly obsessed with this song and love it. I love how it is a rather slow song, with soft instrumentals, but it still keeps the listener intrigued.

The second song released was Last Young Renegade:

Of course this is their new album title so it does stand out more than the rest of the songs. As soon as I heard this song I was so happy because there is a hint of pop-punk within it. It’s a lot faster than Dirty Laundry and is very catchy that you just want to sway or even sing along. At this time of release I knew this was going to be one of my favorites.

The third song released was Life of the Party:

Now, for this song I had a hard time warming up to it. Still do honestly. Maybe it’s the fact Alex is trying for a more higher falsetto singing voice throughout the song, and I just cannot get used to it. Not even just that, just it was rather different than a lot of the other songs that they have done in the past. Like I said before I know that they are trying to grow as a band, but this song is still iffy for me. Maybe I’ll warm up to it in the future or when I see it live.

Now the most recent release and by far my favorite is Nice2KnoU:

This song actually came out yesterday night and I heard it this morning when I woke up. I fell in love with this song right away! Not even just for the punk feel within the song, but the video is them walking around their town of Baltimore. This was where it all started for them and they are reminiscing of how they got to where they are right now. I’ve been a fan since I was 14 yrs old and I’m 21 now, so I grew up listening to them and watched them grow. This made me so happy that I just kept playing and watching the video over and over again. This is my favorite song of all time! I cannot wait to see this live and just letting go.

So far, this is all they released from their new album and I’m thoroughly impressed with my boys. Next stop, The Young Renegades Tour in July for me. Of course on June 2nd I will be reviewing the album and what I think of it. So make sure to check back! šŸ™‚


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