I Met The Lead Guitarist of Pierce The Veil!

Hey guys so about a week ago an amazing thing happened!

So it’s time for Story Time!

I tend to meet band members quite easily, I’m not entirely sure why, but I do. Nothing compares to this though!

So it was like a Thursday evening and my boyfriend and I decided to go to a small strip mall that is near his house. We noticed all of the stores were closed early, so we tried figuring out what to do. I suggested we go to the nearest Target and get snacks, because well I like food.

Anyway, we decided on that, but we had a hard time trying to find the Target near us. Keep in mind this is just a small town near his house, that had a big mall (Woodfield Mall is what it’s called) and we only ever went to this town for that. We were struggling badly with my GPS that I suggested we just go to the one closer to home. My boyfriend insisted though that we had to go to this Target so we eventually did.

We get to Target and we enter the store, my eyes instantly travel to a guy with tattoos and punk attire. I tend to do that mainly because it’s what I’m attracted to. I didn’t really observe him that much, but knew he looked familiar. My boyfriend saw him to and he actually spoke up to me and asked, “Hey isn’t that guy from Pierce the Veil?”

I rolled my eyes in response and was like, “No, why would he be in a Schaumburg? It’s like 40 minutes from Chicago.” I started walking with him, but we constantly just kept looking at him and watching him. I didn’t want to believe it mainly because why would he be near where we live?

My boyfriend made it a goal to figure out the truth so we just circled around him for about a good 20 minutes. Until we were face to face with him on accident and almost ran into him. I ran away due to nerves, but my boyfriend walks to him and got the courage to ask, “Are you in a band?”

The guy looks at him and smiles sheepishly and says “Yeah I am” after he said that he turns away walking slowly until my boyfriend speaks up again.

“What band are you in?” The guy turns around a does a soft chuckle and finally tells use the truth.

“I’m in Pierce the Veil.” After he said that I instantly drop the stuff I was carrying and go up to both of them.

“I knew it!” My boyfriend yells out to me and points at me. He then looks at the lead guitarist, Tony Perry and asks him just one question, “Can I take a picture with you?”

Tony relaxes finally realizing that we weren’t crazed fans and said “Yeah of course man!” My boyfriend and Tony take a picture together and then I got the nerves to ask him.

“Can I take a picture with you too?” I was more anxious than anything, but thankfully he smiled and came to me.

“Of course.” He puts his arm around me and we took a selfie. That’s where this picture came to be:


He later said bye to us and continued on with his shopping. My boyfriend and I just looked at each other and just asked, “Wait why is he in Schaumburg?!” For the next house in Target we were freaking out over the fact we just met the lead guitarist from Pierce the Veil, and would sometimes run into him and his friends. The rest of the night was just made because of that.

I later found out why he was here, the next day they would be playing in Iowa which explains why he was here. They were just passing through and it all made sense.

Best band meeting ever šŸ˜€


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