Neck Deep Single Reviews

About a couple weeks ago Neck Deep released a small EP that had two new singles, Where Do We Go When We Go and Happy Judgement Day.

This band hasn’t really released new songs since 2015 when they released their album, Life’s Not Out To Get You. This album got amazing reviews from websites like SputnikMusic and PunkNews that the pressure is definitely on these four Welsh boys to create something good.

I am a hardcore Pop-Punk lover so of course I have to review these songs. So let’s get started šŸ™‚

First Song: Where Do We Go When We Go

The intro for this song threw me off because it is a bunch of young kids singing:

“Pain, Pain Go Away

Come Back Another Day

I Just Wanna Get One Up On Life Before It Kills Me”

I thought this was a clever and catchy way to start off a song, because like the childhood song every knows “Rain, Rain Go Away”, it’ll be stuck in everyone’s head that it will stick in their minds.

After those first few lines, the guitar starts and begins the song. Listening to the lyrics it tells a story about how life may be difficult and have a bunch of pain within it, but you can get through it.

The instrumentals are incredible, especially the guitar, during the chorus because it does different rhythms that make it seem more ear-catching. The guitarist has very catchy rhythms and strums that you just cannot bob your head to it.

On top of that, when they are almost done with the song, the chorus comes up again and all instruments stop. Just clapping and singing from the whole band, which makes it sound like a campfire song almost.

From their previous songs, this definitely meets the expectations that people were holding on them. The pop-punk feel and the amazing instrumentals will always make a song. Including Ben’s lyrics which will catch everyone’s attention because it is very relatable.

Next Song: Happy Judgment Day

It starts off with heavy guitar and clapping that goes with the rhythm, so you know this will be a good song.

When listening to this song I wanted to read the lyrics to actually get the gist of this song, and I’m so glad I did. This song is about how our world has become so judgmental lately that it’s affecting everyone’s lives. There may not be a way to change our society from becoming such small-minded people, and that things will start to blow out of proportion.

I thought this song came out at such a perfect time, because of everything that is happening within our society. Everyone is getting judged based of their sex, race, sexual orientation, and even how high up your family is in society.

This sounds like an anthem, and I will listen to it as if it is one. I absolutely love this song, especially the chorus due to how catchy it is. The lyrics though, are my favorite. I cannot even explain how much this song should be shared with everyone so people will realize how some people portray our country and world.


My overall rating: 5/5!

They seem to never disappoint and I cannot wait to see them at Warped Tour to see these songs live! They have easily become one of my favorite bands. their lyrics are so relatable and have a lot to do with our society.

Neck Deep, you guys definitely met and passed expectations!


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