Soon-to-be college graduate from North Central College with a huge dream. Music and photography are my passions, with a hint of writing in there. Aspire to be working for a record company or a music magazine, either way, music must be involved.

There is never a time when I’m not going to a concert, so prepare for updates and pictures (if possible). I do get lucky when it comes to live music events, to the point where meeting the band or performer is quite easy for me.

I’m a very random, outgoing person so be prepared for random rants, thoughts, or stories that come to my mind. If you want to read them that’s cool as well! Either way, getting some interaction from people would be amazing.

My life will be shown throughout this entire blog, and I will be showing my true colors no matter how I am. On the contrary, my life is mainly focused around my boyfriend, music, concerts, work, friends, and school. So hopefully this will get me right back into writing, which is what I loved years ago.

Either way, please stay tuned and follow šŸ™‚ you won’t be disappointed!


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